Nov - Dec Fall fishing is closed, ice fishing will open when we have safe ice, approximately mid-Dec
Nov - April Office is closed, leave a message at 970-881-2175 and we'll return your call within a week


Boat Cleanup - we removed 15 boats from the lakes at the end of fishing season. Four of the boats were properly stickered, of the other eleven, half were in various stages of degradation / abandonment. If you forgot to remove your boat, you can arrange with the office next May for a time to come to our boat yard and identify it and bail it out for $150 + $5 registration. We want to thank everyone who removed their boats this year, the lake shores look the best we've seen in decades.

Fishing Summary for 2021 - fishing reports and comments from members has been a mixed bag this year. Members caught a number 19+” palominos, browns and rainbows this year. The Donaldson rainbows stocked in Shagwa were again very popular with our members this year. And the trophy sized Donaldson's were especially challenging to catch, but that only made the fishermen try all the more!

Nokomis was a struggle as we restocked it after last March’s winter kill where only the perch survived. We’re working with our biologist to see what further control steps we can take towards the perch. It’ll be a few years before our trout fishery returns to what we had in 2020. We had our normal lull in fishing in August, due to higher water temperatures, but fishing picked up nicely in later September through October.

We completed our fall stocking in early October, with a load in every lake except Shagwa. We also were offered a reduced price on smaller cutbows which we stocked in Hiawatha. The biggest challenge we have is finding a source for browns and brooks. Our supplier is trying to grow out some brooks and we’re pursuing other sources for browns. Browns are especially important to us because they’re natural predators for perch, and they’re very popular with fishermen, especially at Erie.

If you plan to ice fish this year, be sure to buy passes well in advance. The office is closed in the winter, so business is only transacted by mail.

Thanks for your support!

Water Status - we're wrapping up our usual fall water management by running water out of Hiawatha and bringing up Ramona, Snake and Letitia for the winter. We've been able to run a small head of water into Shagwa for the a few weeks this fall and it's in good shape for the winter.

Fall Projects - we have several projects underway this fall, key is redoing the toe drains at Ramona. We've done some headgate work along our primary supply ditch and dam maintenance at Hiawatha and Letitia.