March Ice Fishing is closed
May 2 Office opens for summer hours
May 9 Fishing season opens!
May 23 Guest fishing begins (Memorial Day weekend)
July 2 -July 4 Ramona is closed to fishing, in preparation for the Kids Fishing Contest
Oct 31 Fishing season closes and boats must be removed from all the lakes

Due to the increasing spread of the COVID-19 virus, we strongly request that all RFS&I business (paying dues, buying passes, etc.) be transacted by mail. We are not allowing office appointments at this time. If you have questions about your dues or want to pay with a credit card, please leave a message on the office phone for a call back. Please do not wait until opening day to get your fishing badges as we cannot guarantee our office will be open as planned. We can be reached at PO Box 527 or 970-881-2175.

2020 Headlines

Boating Use Program - For the past few years we've had a number of issues arise around boating on our lakes. Most of them involve non-Red Feather residents boating on our lakes instead of using the public lakes, boaters (recreational or fishing) infringing on other fishermen, or boaters who are not following our or State boating regulations. After soliciting inputs from our members, the Board presented motions (which were approved) at the 2019 Annual Stockholders meeting to implement a new boating use program.

The goal of the boating use program is to:

We're therefore implementing a multi-faceted boating program effective in 2020: The RFS&I Board will monitor how the boating use program is working (please give us feedback) and make any changes to further its success. Thanks in advance for your support and patience as we implement this new boating use program.

Board change - Alan Anderson has stepped down from the board. He was a great help in keeping things running smoothly and we'll all miss his contributions. Thanks and best to Alan! In his place we've appointed Mike Calhoon to serve out Alan's term on the board. Mike and his family have been long-time members. Mike manages the Fort Collins Parks Department and brings a lot of experience in recreation use management and water board administration to the board. Welcome!

Fishing Wrap-up - The water levels in the lakes are excellent and have us in great shape for the winter. We had a very good fall fishing season, even though the onset of ice brought it to a close a few days early. All the lakes were stocked in late September. It was great having fishing at Shagwa, the Donaldson trout were very popular with the fishermen. We appreciated everyone filling out the survey cards at Apache and Nokomis to help us gain insights about the fisheries. Specifically, the impact of perch and the trout growth rates; and looking at mitigation methods, walleye in Apache, and catch-and-release in Nokomis. Similarly, the survey cards at Shagwa help us manage the fishery as it returns to normal.
For a more complete update on this year's fishing.

Ice fishing was very good this winter. In spite of 24" of ice, fishermen reported good fishing for much of the season at both Apache and Ramona. See you in May for another year of great fishing!

Boat Storage - First of all, thanks to the boaters at Apache for removing all their boats! We removed about a dozen boats from Erie, Nokomis and Letitia. In 2020, we'll add Hiawatha to the annual boat removal effort. Our program to remove boats at the end of the season is paying off, Apache was much better for summer boat storage with the "dead beats" out of the way. Again, thanks for everyone's efforts!