Contacting RFS&I

Mail: PO Box 527
          Red Feather Lakes   CO   80545

Phone: 970-881-2175


Office location: 58 Fire House Lane
          Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

Office Hours for 2020
    May 2 - Sept 9
        Monday and Wednesday - 8 AM to noon
        Friday - 4 to 8 PM
        Saturday - 8 AM to noon
    Sept 9 - Oct 31
        Wednesday and Saturday - 8 AM to noon
Patrol Personnel
    (call any one of them if there's an issue)
    Fred Ballard - 970-222-8376
    Shanna Fiorino - 970-218-9154

Office Managers - Deb Buck

Board Members
    Greg Pickerel - President
    Dave Mosnik - Vice President
    Paul Barker - Secretary
    David Frydendall - Treasurer
    Mike Calhoon
    Joe Jacklovich
    Roger Svendsen

Due to the increasing spread of the COVID-19 virus, we strongly request that all RFS&I business (paying dues, buying passes, etc.) be transacted by mail. We are not allowing office appointments at this time. If you have questions about your dues or want to pay with a credit card, please leave a message on the office phone for a call back. Please do not wait until opening day to get your fishing badges as we cannot guarantee our office will be open as planned. We can be reached at PO Box 527 or 970-881-2175.