Sept 6 - Oct 31 Fall office hours, open Wednesday & Saturday mornings
Oct 31 Fishing season closes and boats must be removed from all the lakes


Water Status - After a few starts and stops running water in May, we were able to fill all the lakes by mid June. The summer rains allowed us run a small amount of water to several lakes well into August. This fall we'll top off the lower lakes and be in good shape for the winter.

Brook trout stocked at Nokomis, May 2023 Fishing status - All the lakes have been stocked this spring and again in June, with at least 10% of each load being trophy sized. We added a few more Donaldson's to Shagwa. We are starting to get delivery of some very expensive brown trout which we'll stock in Erie, Apache, and Nokomis. As for dealing with the explosion of perch at Nokomis, we're attacking them with a similar approach that we used at Apache about 12 years ago. One, it's open season on perch, if you catch any - keep or throw them away, do not return perch to the lake. Second, stocking additional large predatory trout. To that end, we stocked 250 pounds of trophy sized browns, brooks, rainbows, and tiger trout in Nokomis in early May. These are expensive fish - so please handle them with care!

Boat Auction - We were able to sell 16 of the 21 boats that we had in our sealed bid auction. We appreciated everyone's interest and look forward to all boaters removing their boats from the lakes by October 31.

Boat Removal - We'll once again remove boats from all five boating lakes - Apache, Erie, Hiawatha, Letitia and Nokomis. We'll send a letter by early October, to any registered boat owner advising them to take action by Oct 31. Boat owners can do one of the following:

Any boats remaining at the lakes after Oct 31, will be taken to our locked "boat yard", if you can describe your boat, you can bail it out of the yard for $200.

We appreciate your help in cleaning up our lakes.