Sept 7 - Oct 31 Fall office hours, open Wednesday & Saturday mornings
Oct 31 Fishing season closes and boats must be removed from all the lakes

Water Status - In spite of using all our water rights, we never fully filled our lakes this past summer. However, the extended monsoon weather helped keep the lake temperatures lower and seemed to largely offset the usual summer water loss due to evaporation. We're in pretty good shape for winter storage at all our lakes except Erie.

Rainbow Trout Fishing Report - Members have reported catching 19+” rainbows and palominos at all the lakes and the Donaldson rainbows at Shagwa continue to be a big hit with the fly-fishermen. August fishing was somewhat better this year than usual due to monsoon rains keeping the water temperatures from reaching 70 degrees. We'll do our usual fall stocking by Crystal Springs starting later September. We also plan to do our bi-annual stocking of walleye in Apache late fall. We stocked a few brook trout in Nokomis. However, we were never able to procure Browns this year, but will again pursue a source for next year. We are looking at how to better contain the explosion of perch at Nokomis, we'll work this winter on a mitigation plan with our fish biologist.

Boat Removal - After last fall's success cleaning up the boats at Hiawatha, we'll once again remove boats from all five boating lakes - Apache, Erie, Hiawatha, Letitia and Nokomis. We'll send a letter to any registered boat owner advising them to take action by Oct 31. Boat owners can do one of the following:

Any boats remaining at the lakes after Oct 31, will be taken to our locked "boat yard", if you can describe your boat, you can bail it out of the yard for $200.

We appreciate your help in cleaning up our lakes.